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Return of The Gods

Return Of The Gods

This year's Reunion is a three-day celebration, held from 8/10 - 8/12 2018 at The World Beat Cultural Center in San Diego. Our first day is dedicated to Real Hip Hop. Return of the Gods of Hip Hop that is. Hosted by Lord Jamar of Brand Nubians, we will have live performances by Soulflower Amn, Herb Alkhemyst, Hassan N' Prodigy, and more. Honorees include Saroc the MC, BDOT, Public Enemy's Professor Griff and The Brand Nubians! The night will be filled with graffiti, beat-boxing, break dancing, off the top rhyming battles and more! There will also be a hip-hop fashion show as well as tributes made to 2Pac and D.J. Kool Herc, the Godfather of Hip Hop.

The Main Event will be Held on Saturday 8/11/18, hosted by actor & comedian Michael Colyar & Mama Funshine a.k.a I Love You Fun! Headline performers include Ayanna Gregory, daughter of the honorable/legendary, late, Dick Gregory, Sa Roc The MC, The Conscious Battle Rapper BDOT, Kiyoshi, Emcee & Yogini Solé. This years honorees include world-renowned Healer & Author Queen Afua for her contribution to the World of Natural Health, researcher and lecturer Michael Imhotep of the African History Network, for his diligence to educating and uplifting African people around the world, Chef Ahki for knowledge of healing through electric foods, and Kaba Hiawatha (formerly known as Booker T. Coleman) for his dedication to liberating the minds with unquestionable truth of our history. Our speakers for this year's reunion includes; Memnon Uzan of, Kateria Knows of, The Herb Alkhemyst of, Grass Hop & Koshana Jones of Black Economics 1on1, and Thomas TJ Lofton the Money Man!

Jam-packed entertainment as you can see!

Join us this weekend for your soul to be fed! There will be highlights of Yoga with Solé, Martial Arts, a Royal Couture Fashion show, pampering services available with Royal Treatment Wellness, and soo much more!

We will host a loving Tribute for our beloved master teacher Dick Gregory, for all that he has contributed to our world. We will celebrate his life and legacy with dance, stories and song performed by his beautiful, talented daughter, Ayanna Gregory, who carries on his legacy by uplifting and educating the community through her creative works.

I know you want to be here! You MUST be here! Come dressed the True inner King or Queen that you are in the Colors of the Gods, Royal Blue and Gold! That's right!! We're gonna unify and synchronize energetically through color coordinating! In 2016 we all came dressed in Gold and White, and it was the High point of the event. All this melanin, unified through color. It was an awesome site to see the many unique variations of these colors. Let's do it again in Royal Blue and Gold!

There are vending opportunities available, but space is Limited! If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please send an email NOW to: Return of The Gods!

There is also housing available, during your stay for a select few in our God/Goddess Chambers. These are also Limited! For more information, please send an email to: Return of The Gods!

We're so excited about this year's Return of The Gods! Celebrate the Great Awakening with us! Early Bird tickets on sale for a limited time. Get Yours TODAY at: Return of The Gods! or Eventbrite - Return of The Gods!

Divine, Unified Love!

Purchase tickets at: Eventbrite - Return of The Gods!

Link to: God/Goddess Chambers!

For more info, check out our website Return of The Gods!