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Kavon Shah

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Solé is a Kung Fu Black Belt trained under world renowned Grand Master Dennis Brown, 4th degree Black Belt Shifu Sean Sexton, Master Marcia Chisolm and she briefly studied Karate as a child and practiced Tae Kwon Do as an adult before seeking to earn a black belt in Kung Fu. She has taught kickboxing under the tutelage of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt and Mixed Martial Arts champion fighter, Carlos Catania and she is now the owner of Dragon Academy of Martial Arts in Lanham, MD. where they offer classes for children and adults in Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Yoga, and Self Defense as well as health and wellness workshops through her women’s wellness initiative, Devi Tribe Wellness, LLC.

Solé's love for martial arts runs deep. Her dad practiced Karate in Japan in the 60's and she grew up watching Kung Fu theatre every Saturday with her brothers. She pretended to be Bruce Lee as they practiced the moves they had watched on TV. Martial arts is not only self defense and a beautiful art form, but also a way to improve your mental concentration, strength, endurance, flexibility and self confidence. It takes self discipline to a higher level... it's a way of life.

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